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Film, TV and Digital

Content Sales

treo sells and distributes Film and TV content around the world.

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How we work

  • Create or submit content

    Our dedicated team of media sales experts will review and determine if it’s something we feel we can sell.
  • Onboard media

    Treo works with creators to get all of the assets and deliverables required, enabling us to market and promote content to buyers
  • Distribution

    We partner with creators to determine which platforms or distribution outlets are the most compatible and deliver content and assets
  • Monetize

    Treo sends reports quarterly which will detail exactly how much your content has generated and identify monetization opportunities

Originally founded in 2014, Treo Studios is a entertainment media company  specialized in distributing professionally curated independent films, TV , digital and live action  content. As a leader in independent distribution, Treo titles can be seen across a variety of platforms, including theatrical, digital, subscription,  cable,  VOD, packaged media and broadcast television. Treo distributes 20-30 titles per year around the world.

Streamlined Media Distribution

Managing the flow

Reach your Audience anywhere

Our global teams are expert in creating and sharing content for audiences worldwide.
Operating all over the world, with sales offices in 4 global regions, and reaching audiences in over 1oo countries, we work with the world’s best creative talent to create, acquire, develop, finance, co-produce, sell and market new formats and finished programming.

Alongside our own new content, we also have a growing collection of formats and finished programs, totalling more than 10,000 hours and growing each day.

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